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14th century

1313 - According to the oldest known written documents mentioning the town, King John of Luxembourg permitted the town to collect toll, Nový Jičín consequently became a subject of the king (and was granted various privileges).

1373 - The owners of the town and estate, Vok III. and his son John of Kravař, granted Nový Jičín the right of escheat (the right to inherit), permitted it to hold annual markets and determined how much tax it should pay.


Vok I. z Kravař

Born: around 1340

Death: 1386

- He was a Moravian nobleman from the family of lords from Kravaře.

- Older literature states that the ancestor of the Kravaře family is Drslav from the Benešov family, who had a son, Vok. However, modern authors of historical publications write that Vok, the son of Drslav and Vok from Benešov and Kravař were two different people.

- During the division of property, he inherited the castles of Starý Jičín with the manor, Freundsberg with the Vsetín estate and Rožnov with the estate.

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